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Rated Automatic Retractable Security Bollards PAS68 2010

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Calpipe Security Bollard’s 1200P retractable bollard blends aesthetics with the highest level of perimeter security. The 1200A bollard system is powered by a pneumatic compressor which is fast, efficient, and earth-friendly. All components are cycle-tested and the system requires little maintenance. The 1200A PAS68 -DOS rated bollard system reacts quickly. Variable speed settings can quickly… Read more »

Rated Retractable Manual Assist Security Bollards PAS68 2010

Manual Bollards

For the highest security rating available and occasional access, Calpipe Security Bollards manufactures a PAS68-rated manual-assisted retractable bollard.   PAS-Rated manual assisted-lift retractable bollards incorporate a self-contained pneumatic system to assist the rise of the bollard into place. This pneumatic lift facilitates ease of deployment. It allows for a heavier, more secure bollard to be… Read more »

Rated Removable Security Bollards PAS68

You don’t have to sacrifice protection to add a level of flexibility to your perimeter defence. PAS68-Rated removable security bollards protect just as well as a PAS68-Rated embedded security bollards and allow for occasional vehicular access.   This bollard drops into a specially engineered embedded stainless steel sleeve. Once secured in place, the removable bollard… Read more »

Rated Fixed Security Bollards PAS68 2010


For the highest security rating available today Cal Pipe Security Bollards offers a PA68 bollard. Our PAS68 rated bollard stopped a 7.5 ton. vehicle travelling at 80 KPH as tested by MIRA testing facility. If you need vehicular access, consider adding a PAS68 -Rated retractable bollard to your perimeter defence. Choose from a myriad of… Read more »

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