Products: Retractable bollards

Automatic Retractable Bollards

Designed for numerous cycles, pneumatic bollard systems are ideal for restricted parking lots, access control gates, commercial building entrances or high-security applications such as military bases. The bollard lifts quickly from the ground at the push of a button and retracts just as swiftly. Engineered wiper seals reduce the amount of water and grime that… Read more »

Manual Assisted Lift Retractable Bollards

Manual assisted-lift retractable bollards incorporate a self-contained pneumatic system to assist the rise of the bollard into place. This pneumatic lift facilitates ease of deployment. It allows for a heavier, more secure bollard to be operated manually.   With the turn of a key, manually assisted bollards easily rise from the ground and can be… Read more »

Manual Lift Retractable Bollards

Manual lift bollards are our entry-level and most economical retractable bollard product. When retracted, the bollard is covered by a locking lid with a tamper-resistant key for extra security. Optionally, we also offer an external padlocking model. Deploying the bollard is as easy as unlocking and opening the lid and lifting the bollard by the… Read more »

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