Oztime Technologies now with PAS68 and ASTM ratings

Oztime Technologies now have available, as Australian distributor for Calpipe bollards, shallow-mount fixed and removable K4-rated/M30 bollards and shallow mount fixed PAS 68/K12-rated/M50 bollards to provide a ‘hard perimeter’. Offering a high level of security for corporate campuses, government buildings, utilities and airports, the K4-rated/M30 and PAS 68/K12-rated/M50 bollards utilize a shallow 300mm in-ground base design to overcome depth restrictions found in conventional bollard designs. Typically used in urban environments where underground services are a concern, the shallow-mount K4-rated and PAS 68/K12-rated “sidewalk bollards” can easily be installed in a wide variety of locations, including subways, city streets, ports and water treatment facilities.

The embedded shallow-mount K4-rated bollard system can be integrated into a strong perimeter defence system, and is designed to stop a 6800Kg. vehicle travelling at 48 KPH. Calpipe’s PAS 68/K12-rated bollard system is designed to stop a 7500Kg. vehicle traveling at 80 KPH. Other systems usually require deep foundations to be effective, but the shallow embedded bollards are placed in a foundation with a widened base and greater length, maximizing the potential for impact protection.

“PAS 68/K-rated bollard solutions deliver the highest and best form of perimeter security versus non-rated bollards. “Our high security bollards are designed to protect facilities most valuable assets, people and property, at an overall lower cost than traditional deep mount bollards.”

Oztime Technologies offers a wide range of Calpipe bollards, such as removable, retractable, and illuminated. The lighted security bollards are available with metal halide, CFL, induction fluorescent or LED bulbs. Additional aesthetic options include a steel stainless steel sleeve finish. The engineered footings and carbon steel inner cores provide added security that stone and concrete bollards cannot, and the optional stainless steel sleeve finish provides protection from harsh climate and environmental conditions.