Architectural Lighting Bollards

Lighting bollard

Architectural lighting bollards deter vehicles, guide pedestrians, and illuminate walkways. These bollards are anchored to a base plate foundation. This footing makes architecturally lighted bollards easy to install in almost any location. The base-plate mount limits the bollards stopping power. This bollard should never be relied upon to stop a vehicle.


Ideally, lighting bollards ubiquitously blend in with the environmental design. They should unobtrusively guide pedestrians and illuminate otherwise dangerous areas. Architectural lighted bollards are our most economical lighted bollard. (We also offer lighted security, PAS 68 engineered, and PAS 68 rated bollards.) Our architectural lighted bollards improve visibility and safety.


Fixed bollard NEON – 200×800

Download the PDF –  FTC – BSNEONE80-V2 5-EN

A visionary and innovative design to highlight urban areas, bound pedestrian zones and
enhances the architecture of monuments and buildings. The Fix NEON luminous Bollard
stands out due to its clean and smooth lines without any visible fastening system once
the bollard is installed and the easy maintenance operations.

  • Multicolours version: Choice of the colour (RGB) through provided remote control
    One single remote control can manage multiple NEON Bollards. Each Neon bollard is fitted with an IR
    receiver and must receive an individual signal to switch among colours and/or preloaded flashing program.
    The maximum signal transmission distance is about 4 meters without obstacle. No synchronization with
    this version. Electrical consumption: 15 W
  • Single colour version: Factory pre-setted light colour at choice (See over)
    The light colour can be changed after installation by an authorized technician. In case of multiple bollards
    installation slight colour variation among bollards may occur. No synchronization with this version.
    Synchronization light colour change management system (RGB)
    Multiple Neon Bollards installation could be managed simultaneously using the synchronization system.
    Head and Base parts in RAL painted stainless steel