Embedded Security Bollards

Embedded security bollards provide solid protection against vehicle incursion. These bollards stand 1.2m tall – 915mm above ground and typically 300mm below grade. (Larger bollard diameters extend 450mm below grade.) A security bollard’s impact resistance is a combination of the steel bollard diameter, wall thickness, and engineered footing.


While there is currently no rating system for commercial bollards, Cal Pipe Bollards sits on a committee with ASTM that will set clear guidelines for the industry.


Our carbon and stainless steel security bollards have several advantages over other barriers. For example, unlike concrete barriers, security posts stop vehicles while permitting pedestrians to pass easily. In addition, unlike concrete posts that deteriorate over time, stainless steel bollards are highly weather resistant.


Removable security posts allow for occasional vehicular access through your bollard system.