Internal Locking Bollards


Internal locking security bollards provide a strong perimeter defence, allow for vehicular entry, and are themselves secure against theft.

The removable feature of this bollard does not affect the level of security it provides. This post drops into an embedded mild steel or stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve is embedded in a strip footing with a reo cage. Once secured in place, the removable bollard protects against vehicle incursion as well as a fixed security post.

Our removable locking security posts are easy to remove. When properly spaced, only one bollard needs to be removed to allow a vehicle to pass. Once the post is removed, a mild steel or stainless steel lid covers the opening.

Internal locking removable security posts use a tamper-proof Cam lock key that operates smoothly in a wide range of environmental conditions. This lock is particularly secure which makes this bollard ideal for use in areas that are monitored less frequently. A secure steel locking mechanism makes the bollard impossible to remove without the key.


Bollard Add-Ons & Accessories

Choose from a wide range of customisable features including:

  • Caps
  • Colours
  • Protective Coats