Rated Retractable Manual Assist Security Bollards PAS68 2010

For the highest security rating available and occasional access, Calpipe Security Bollards manufactures a PAS68-rated manual-assisted retractable bollard.


PAS-Rated manual assisted-lift retractable bollards incorporate a self-contained pneumatic system to assist the rise of the bollard into place. This pneumatic lift facilitates ease of deployment. It allows for a heavier, more secure bollard to be operated manually.


With the turn of a key, manually assisted bollards easily rise from the ground and can be locked into place. Turn the key again, and with very little effort, the bollard cylinder retracts and locks flush to the ground surface.


The PAS-Rated manual assisted-lift retractable bollard system does not require an external power source.


Combine PAS manual assisted retractable bollards with PAS embedded bollards for a more economical perimeter defence that doesn’t sacrifice protection. Use PAS automatic bollards if you need frequent access to an area.


Choose from a myriad of powder coat colors which comes standard for all carbon steel bollards. We also offer stainless steel bollard covers for different architectural finishes.