External Locking Security Bollards

External locking security bollards provide a strong and flexible perimeter defense. Deploy them as needed – perhaps for a public event – and remove once the event is over. Or station these bollards where only occassional access is needed such as at the entrance of a fire or service road.


The removable feature of this bollard does not affect the level of security it provides. The bollard drops into an embedded stainless steel sleeve. A strip footing with a rebar cage secures the sleeve. These features provide the same stopping power as our embedded security bollards.


Our removable locking security bollards are easy to remove. When properly spaced, only one bollard needs to be removed to allow a vehicle to pass. Once the post is removed, a stainless steel lid covers the opening.


External locking security bollards incorporate a padlock to secure the bollard. Padlock keys can be duplicated and distributed. The locking system allows for relatively easy access to public service vehicles such as the fire or police departments.


Use embedded security bollards in conjunction with external locking security bollards to build an accessible and economical perimeter defense. Retractable bollards are advisable in areas that are accessed frequently.


Bollard Add-Ons & Accessories

Choose from a wide range of customisable features including:

  • Caps
  • Colours
  • Protective Coats