About Us

Oztime technologies is a recently acquired subsidiary of Australian Security Fencing PL (ASF), with its head office at South Windsor New South Wales and an extensive service/ installation base in Queanbeyan near the ACT. The two companies combined, now offer diverse and unique total perimeter solutions to High End Clients. Oztime distribute and install some of the world’s most advanced bollards, crash barriers and hostile vehicle mitigation products. Our network of distributers and installers are available to provide these solutions to the Asia Pacific region.


Oztime’s range of CalPipe PDT 1200 Retractable Bollards have been at the forefront of high security instalments in Australia for over 20 years. Oztime technologies have installed by far the largest number of high security retractable bollard installations in Australia. With systems still performing 100% after 20 years of operation, there is no doubt that Oztime PDT 1200 bollard systems are the most reliable and recognised brand.

Oztime technologies is the exclusive distributor for Bristorm Hostile Mitigation Systems. The Bristorm range of products include high security bollards and anti-vehicle fence systems that are manufactured and tested in the UK to meet the highest impact standards. These systems can stand alone or be integrated into Securemax 358 high security fence systems.

Oztime also supply high end hostile vehicle mitigation systems including bollards, road blockers, high speed gates, tyre spikes, precast and in-situ concrete barriers, with traffic management and safety integrated through our programmable logic control and safety system.



Through house design, engineering, drafting and installation service technicians, the Oztime team provide you with complete safe and reliable hostile vehicle mitigation systems.

Contact OzTime on 02 4577 5292 (NSW), 02 6280 5200 (ACT) or email us at sales@oztime.com.au

We look forward to working with the industry to provide innovative turnkey solutions.


“We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.”