Non-Rated Security Retractable Bollards

Managing, regulating, checking – giving towns a breath of fresh air

The protection and improvement of quality of life are at the heart of the public and public authorities’ concerns.

Modern urban planning requirements demand advanced systems capable of regulating vehicle flows in both public and private settings. A growing number of spaces need traffic restrictions: residential areas, loading/unloading zones, lanes reserved for public transport, not forgetting historic or pedestrian areas, sometimes even varying according to the time of day.

CAME Urbaco automatic and mechanical solutions play an irreplaceable part in traffic regulation and control. In addition, they contribute to reduced exhaust emissions, helping towns breathe and reducing the environmental impact of modern lifestyles.


Combining a legendary robustness and uncommon aesthetic, the new G6 EVO bollards fits perfectly into any urban planning and access control project. Its innovating interchangeable jacket system allows to customize the installation site, thus making it unique. All this thanks to URBACO’s knowhow, the retractable bollards concept inventor, working for over 30 years at the service of innovation, of quality and longevity improvement of its access control solutions.



Legendary robustness and customisable design


From invention to revolution

G6EVO bollards in renforced version can stop a 2,5T pick-up travelling at 48 km/h. It’s an ideal solution to secure schools, high schools, shopping centers, hotels or condominium buildings, where the level of security is moderate.


Removable jacket & easier maintenance

The G6 EVO bollard is equipped with an innovative interchangeable sleeve system for customizing the aesthetics of access points and refurbish any damaged bollard heads in less than 5 minutes. The bollard is composed of a raw cast iron head, which provides high impact resistance, covered with a sleeve in steel or stainless steel. The new G6 EVO concept makes on site jacket replacement easy and quick, without using any hoisting means.

 G6EVO – retractable automatic BOLLARD

The automatic retractable bollards made to manage access both public and private streets. The bollard is managed by an access control system and is actuated down by the user (remote control, contactless card, keypad, etc.) clearing the way for access. It ascend, either automatically or using a remote control after the vehicle has passed.

Conception: Urbaco Monobloc® certificate : 3 elements of structure : casing, cover and bollard head each molded one piece spheroidal cast iron material.
Use: Regular to intensive passages
Material: 11mm average thick cast-iron material
Display device: Class II reflective band(white)
Illuminated ring: Leds (Red in Standard, White in Option)
Impact resistance: Ø250 : High (2,5T at 55km/h)
Reability: 4.5 million of operations without any failure neither part replacement
Dimensions (mm): Ø250 x H550  I  Ø250 x H750
Standards: ISO EN 124 – E600 Class – Accepted vertical load: 60T per axle / In compliance with NFP98-310 standard / In compliance with the French PMR decree


Built-in hydraulic pump

External hydraulic