Crash Tested Bi-Folding Gates – CSG 10640 & 10650

The Crash Tested Bi-Folding Speed Gate has been designed and manufactured in the UK, becoming the first cash tested Bi-Folding Gate. Tested to PAS68 standards, the CSG 10640/10650 will successfully defend high profile infrastructure worldwide from hostile vehicle attacks.

The Crash tested bi-folding gate has proven trustworthy to governments, transport and utilities, financial, petrochemical and military facilities.  The automated crash tested bi-fold gate can blend into any building or perimeter and holds the resemblance of a non-crash trackless bi-folding gate. The trackless gate is driven by a hydraulic drive system which has a 9 second unlock and open time and an 11 second close and lock time. It is also capable of continuous operation.

The bi-folding gate requires a 380mm foundation depth, recommended for areas that are shallow or largely affected by substructure. It also has a tested width of 4200mm between the posts and a tested height of 2200mm.

CSG 10640
Crash Tested to 7.5t [N2] @ 65 km/h:- PAS 68:2010 Swing Gate V/7500[N2]/64/90:2.2/0.0
Penetration: P2
Speed: K8 – 65 km/h : 40 mph

CSG 10650
Crash Tested to 7.5t [N3] @ 80 km/h:- PAS 68:2010 Swing Gate V/7500[N3]/80/90:6.8/9.1
Penetration: P2
Speed: K12 – 80 km/h : 50 mph

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CSG 1064010650(LR)