Crash Tested Full Depth Road Blocker – CSG 10503

The Crash tested full depth road blocker has been developed and tested to counter hostile vehicle-borne explosive attacks. They are installed to monitor access control for car parks, roads, gates and high security properties, such as embassies, government buildings, nuclear facilities, ministry of defence and national grid and data protection sites. The CSG 10503 requires a 1000mm deep foundation and can be installed to suit widths between 2m and 4m. The base frames are manufactured from heavy duty RHS sections designed to endure axle weights of 15 tonne. The road blocker should be installed with vehicle detection loop systems and photo beam systems can be added for additional protection. The 10503 has been successfully tested at Mira with a 7.5T vehicle travelling at 80km/h (PAS 68: 2010 Classification Retractable Blocker V/7500(N2)/80/90:0/25. Blocker tested at 3m wide x 625mm high).

Crash Tested Road Blocker

The Crash Tested Road Blocker is more suited for areas that are not affected by underground utilities, so that plenty of excavation can take place.

This product is the only known road blocker that has experienced a suicide bomber attack and successfully prevented the 4T detonation from reaching its target.