Hostile Vehicle Mitigation


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Minimum Penetration with Maximum Perimeter Control

The Bri-Rise HVM Gate by Bristorm is tested to ASTM F2656-15 M50P1. It will complete any P1 perimeter line to ensure there are no weak entry points accessible to hostile vehicles. It is completely self-balancing with a 5.7m clearance and can be manually lifted with ease with a lifting force of only 10kg required; this allows site operators to have complete control all year round and further reduces the risk of electrical or mechanical failure.


Seamless integration to the Bristorm Zero Fence line means an M50 P1 rated performance can be achieved from start to finish whilst still encompassing all the unique features the Bristorm Zero Fence (P1 and P2) has to offer.The Bri-Rise Gate can also operate as a stand alone system comfortably connecting to other HVM products. Or, it can be used as a fixed spanning arm, designed to bridge fence lines together across areas of a perimeter where underground services are present.

  • M50 P1 Manual Rising Arm Gate
  • Tested to ASTM F2656-15and IWA 14-1
  • Access control to complete any P1 perimeter
  • Seamlessly integrated to the Bristorm Zero Perimeter Fence
  • Fully tested and rated in soft ground
  • Galvanised as standard to EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Easy to lift manual arm: Lifting force of only 10kg
  • Self-balancing arm for complete control
  • 5700mm clearance
  • Secure locking mechanism with padlock
  • Can function as a spanning arm to allow for underground services
  • Minimal maintenance required


Protecting public realm, crowded places and infrastructure.

The Bristorm Swing Gate is a manually operated gate, tested to IWA 14-1. The Swing Gate will stop a hostile vehicle within 8m when travelling up to speeds of 40mph; the vehicle is stopped within the gates own working envelope which will always be cleared of pedestrians.

The manual operation removes the risk of mechanical or electrical failure, putting site operatives in complete control. The shallow foundations and adjustable height means the gate can be installed across city centres with paved and uneven surfaces; also installed comfortably on the kerbside, the Bristorm Swing gate will stop vehicular access near to stadiums and arenas.

Bristorm have developed a cost-effective HVM solution that will restrict vehicular movement when city centre events are taking place, therefore protecting pedestrians and asset in the surrounding areas.

  • IWA 14-1Swing Gate
  • V/7200[N2A]/64/90:7.9
  • Block main access roads near crowded arenas and stadiums
  • Can be installed on kerbs or flat surfaces at a maximum length of 8m
  • Suitable on uneven or paved surfaces
  • Galvanised as standard to EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Easy to operate swing arm: Force of only 10kg
  • Stops vehicle within the gates own working envelope (under 8m)
  • Secure locking mechanism with padlock
  • Minimal maintenance required