Bristorm LP (and IVP)

Bristorm LP and IVP has been developed to protect long perimeter sites from 4×4 vehicle attacks travelling at speeds up to 40 mph. Extremely economical, Bristorm LP is a visually unobtrusive and cost effective measure ideal for securing a perimeter from vehicle borne attack.

Bristorm LP, tested to BSI PAS 68, is an extremely effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution where long exposed perimeters are surrounded by uneven ground, such as airports, military installation and power stations etc.

IVP adds to the LP system with the ability to incorporate an anti-personnel fence in close proximity. The system allows close installation and shared foundations and therefore reduces installation costs. Impact from a vehicle only damages the anti-personnel fence at point of impact, leaving the rest of the perimeter intact and functioning.

  • Tested to BSI PAS 68
  • Effective protection from 4×4 vehicles crossing rough ground approaches
  • Captures vehicle within the fence after impact
  • Visually unobtrusive with clear line of site
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Standard ground anchors reduce cost, and installation time
  • Can be close coupled with Anti-Personnel fence products (IVP)
  • Fast and easy installation


Product Vehicle Mass KG Speeed MPH Penetration BSI PAS 68 Rating Foundation
Bristorm 30 7,500 30 90 V / 7500 / 48 / 90 : 2.0 / 0.0 1,250mm
Bristorm 30 7,500 40 45 V / 7500 / 64 / 45 : 2.0 / 0.0 1,000mm

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Bristorm HVM Fencing Data Sheet