BRISTORM StronGuard Beam

The StronGuard Beam combines an impact tested Bristorm Beam with a StronGuard palisade fence or a SecureGuard SL2 mesh system.

This unique combination can successfully arrest a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80 kph when subjected to an IWA 14 impact test. The system also provides physical protection against forced entry as the fencing component is fully LCPB accredited.

Designed to meet operational requirements by offering one combined fence line, which in turn offers a smaller footprint when you have restrictions with available space within your asset.


Product Features:

  • Fully LCPB accredited
  • Industry Leading – Low Penetration
  • Shallow foundation of 500mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised finish
  • Thicker coatings and powder coatings available
  • Economical and robust alternative
  • Fast installation with reduced civils

Shallow and surface mount suitably installed across industrial sites and Critical National Infrastructure where underground services are present. Quick installation and reliable performance.

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