‘Crash Rated – PAS68 48kph’Key Features of ASF – StronGuard RCS

“StronGuard RCS is the only standalone PAS68 impact tested palisade security fence
Part of the super-durable, aesthetically pleasing ‘Barkers Fencing’ brand ‘StronGuard’
StronGuard RCS has been designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure from increasingly frequent and severe hostile vehicle attacks
The PAS68 rating is equivalent to the American ASTM F2656 K4 rating


Fence Height (m) Pale Type Typical Pale Thickness (mm) Post centres (m) Post Section (RHS)
1.8 D 3* 2.75 120×80
2.4 D 3* 2.75 120×80
3.0 D 3* 2.75 120×80

* Also available in 3.5 & 4 (mm) thick pales

Standard Foundations: 450mm sq hole (inters) and 600mm sq hole (corners/ends)




PRODUCT Vehicle Weight (kg) Vehicle type Test Speed (kph) Impact Angle (°C) Penetration (m) Dispersion of major debris (m)
StronGuard™RCS 25:
V/2500 [N1G]/48/90: 0.0/0.0
2500 N1G 48 90 0 0
StronGuard™RCS 75:
V/7500 [N2]/48/90: 3.5/0.0
7500 N2 48 90 3.5 0


ASF StronGuard RCS Datasheet