Oztime’s PDT1200P retractable bollard blends aesthetics with the highest level of perimeter security. The PDT1200P bollard system is powered by a pneumatic compressor which is fast, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. All components are cycle-tested, and the system requires little maintenance.

The PDT1200P PAS68 and ASTM rated bollard system reacts quickly. Variable speed settings can quickly lift the bollards in seconds in an emergency. Furthermore, the system
works with a variety of access controls. The control panel is programmable to relay multiple series of commands such as: “Panic Up” or “Panic Down.”

The system operates smoothly even in extreme temperatures. We offer optional heating strips for temperatures less than -50 C.
Engineered wiper seals reduce the amount of water and grime that enters the bollard’s recess.

The PDT1200P system is available in a range of lifting devices including Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electromechanical and Manual Assisted Lift.
Choose from a myriad of powder coat colours which comes standard for all carbon steel bollards. We also offer stainless steel bollard covers for different architectural finishes. Combine PAS68 automatic retractable bollards with PAS68 embedded bollards for a more economical perimeter defence that doesn’t sacrifice protection. Consider deploying PAS68 manual assisted lift bollards where high duty cycles aren’t required or power isn’t available.