Crash Rated Surface Fixed 
Bi-Folding Gate – CSG 10630

The Crash Rated Surface Fixed Bi-Folding Gate is the latest product on the market that offers high level security to car parks and buildings that otherwise would remain unprotected. This product has been engineered to prevent vehicle impact at 48 km/h with a penetration rating of P4. The CSG 10630 has been designed for areas that have limited slab depth or cannot be excavated due to high risk services. The CSG 10630 uses standard base plates that are ‘surface fixed’ to the road or carpark using concrete anchors. The thickness of the base slab is minimum 250mm, which eliminates the need for foundation excavation.

Surface Fixed Bi-Folding Gate open
Surface Fixed Bi-Folding Gate side view
Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed MPH Vehicle Speed KMH Vehicle Angle  Energy
3500kg N1 30 48 90 274kJ

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